A Start-Up That Wants To Grow

A Start-Up That Wants To Grow

When you launch a start-up you’re doing so with the goal of growing bigger.

There are some things to keep in mind that may keep you up all night as a start-up entrepreneur:

? Will You Have Enough Cash -there’s going to be capital expenditures to fund software, product development, office space, marketing, etc.woman shelling out money

? How will you market for new sales:  Is there enough resources for marketing and sales.  Do you have enough money and people to help you.

? What about after the launch, what is the plan: always have a flexible business and marketing plan to refer to and fall back on.

? Who works for you.  It may be difficult to get the right mix of people the first time, or even the second time you hire. Sometimes you place the wrong person in the wrong position – or their talent is being underutilized for the job you placed them in.  Write job descriptions, ask open ended questions and check their references.  Always follow up with their progress.  If the person you hire turns out not to be a good fit for your company, let them go.

? Do you have the time.  If you’re doing things right, you will be working around the clock.

? Inexperienced co-founders. The best friend that helped you develop this great new concept as a start-up, doesn’t have a clue how to run a business.  You need to consider all the business roles, maybe your friend really needs to be in R&D instead of sitting in the VP chair.

? Your product takes off like a bullet.  That’s a good thing, right?   You’ll have to hire more staff and take on more responsibilities. You will need to get a bigger office.

? Who is in charge  All this new growth circles back to number one on this list, CASH.  Are you now in the position to be the one to seek out new investors?  Do you know what to say and how to say it? – And most of all do you know how to find them?

? Who are your competitors.  Do you believe you are the first company out the door with this product: wait! as you look around, you’ll notice that the market place is pretty crowded.  Be prepared to adapt to the competitive environment.

?Is help necessary. Its always a good idea to be able to ask for help when you need it.  A valuable asset finds a mentor to work with.

? Do you have the right Management team.  Who is on your management team, do they know what they are doing, do they have respect for you, the company, the employees?  Poor management is a contributing factor to early failure.

All of these concerns are important; balancing marketing, sales, employees, growth and production.  Don’t run out of money along the way.

To keep your cash flow positive the best investment for your company: Email Marketing.  An email marketing strategy has been shown to be one of the best investments a company can make.  Email Marketing is the answer to most of these concerns:

Cash Flow: no other marketing tool comes close to mirroring the reported return on investment gleaned from email marketing.

Marketing and Sales: Build an effective email marketing campaign and you build a way to generate new sales. With an easy way to send personalized targeted messages to customers and prospects.

Time Management:  The Email Service Provider (ESP) you choose should offer tools to automate everything you need, from Drip campaigns to add on sales.  Tools allow you to preplan your campaigns, sent them out at the right time to the right audiences and see the results of your mailings as they happen: No other advertising media on the planet can do this.

Investors:  With the right email service you can keep your investors informed and encourage them to spread the news of your great service or product to attract more investors.

Management:  Keep your finger on the pulse of things with a Discussion list.  Using a two-way, private forum you can converse about employee issues to production issues, with the knowledge that your email conversation is private, with a searchable record of what was discussed.

Email management can help start-ups create a strong business foundation

Build an effective email marketing campaign early on, to form a solid basis for your supporters and followers who will help you carry your start-up into an established, effective business.

Consider the features mailinglistservices.com by Dundee Internet offers:

A low-cost entry-level program for unlimited emails sends for up to 500 list members for only $10 a month.

Have thousands of potential subscribers?  Grow your list not your costs,.  At  Dundee Internet malinglistservices.com your cost is not based on the number of subscribers you have.  AND there’s no sending limit for our marketing plans.

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Email marketing is a great way to grow your customer base: for your new start-up or your well established business: give a call and start today.