Email Tools That Benefit Nonprofits

Email Tools That Benefit Nonprofits

The greatest benefit for nonprofits when using email marketing tools is an increase in audience engagement with their organization.

Email is an efficient, cost-effective way to ask for donations, and with automation never forget to send a thank-you follow-up


Newsletters sent to target specific list subscribers will increase fundraising efforts and volunteer participation, both a benefit for nonprofits. Dundee Internet an avid supporter of nonprofit organizations, offers several built-in email marketing tools for nonprofits that use our mailing list services

Marketing Tools that make it easy for your nonprofit to:

Send messages that target a specific audience, based on list membership demographics, behavior and preferences.   We offer customizable member profile forms, to allow list members to see and edit certain information collected about them.

Using member profile forms a subscriber can manage their own opportunities.  Offer options that allow subscribers to receive email from you less often, the type of communication they prefer (Fundraising and events or just the director’s report) or just simply a place to update their email address

Use trigged mailings:

to automatically send targeted emails to one or to many list members.  The trigger to send specific email is based on a specific action performed by the subscriber such as visiting a website or making an online donation.

Other than an action, triggers can also be set up to respond to a date (Birthday for example) or the time of day.  Triggered emails can run once a day, an hour or several weeks later.

Dundee’s mailing list service includes a Triggered Mailing Wizard that quickly creates trigged mailing in one step.

Easily set up autoresponders:

to schedule emails for delivery based on triggered activities.  List owners also have the ability to extend the auto-responder command to process before or after their own program.   When the autoresponder is triggered, the program will run first (or last) and do any processing on the message before it’s sent. 

Take advantage of sequential mailings:

which are a series of triggered mailings sent out in a sequence at predetermined time intervals to each member who meets the criteria of a single triggered segment. Dundee includes a Sequential Mailing Wizard, that allows you to quickly create a sequentially triggered mailing in one step.   It is intuitive and easy to use. 

Offer a survey

Surveys are a great way to engage and interact with your readers   We offer two types of survey, multiple-choice and text entry.  Multiple choice questions can have as many choices as necessary.  The questions can be arranged vertically or horizontally.  Answers can be required or not.   Text answers can be customized also.

With the Segment Clause Wizard send targeted emails to those survey participants who respond to the survey questions in a particular way or to those who don’t respond at all.

Experience higher conversion rates:

sending plain text emails or use one of our many responsive designed templates.  When you create content in mailing list services your content can be both be created as text and HTML at the same time: or you can do one or the other.  

Our HTML editor allows you to import your own HTML code

Create unique one-to-one emails tailored:

to the exact needs and interests of your recipients without having to write or send more than one message.   Conditional content allows you to insert blocks of text or graphics into your message automatically

And you can send text messages too.

We also include unlimited A/B testing, customizable detailed reports and so much more.

Increase member confidence in your organization with a newsletter that explains your yearly goals,  upcoming events or the project of the month.   And when you bring someone to your website, always be mindful of your landing page

Need help with landing pages, contact our sister company

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